Centre Stage

Centre Stage Performing Arts welcomes homeschool families to join our private school students for the performing arts portion of school called, Centre Stage. This is a great way to work with your children academically at home and still allow them to be part of amazing opportunities in a social setting.

Your child will work with our school's organized Performing Arts curriculum. They will have the opportunity to select electives such as piano, singing, percussion, music theory, ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, musical theater dance, acting, show choir, and choreography. We will also offer electives in leadership and communication, bible study, and missionary work and so much more.

Welcome to the Spotlight!

Why would someone sign up for just the Centre Stage program instead of private school?

Some families want to complete academics in their own home. However, they want their children to have social interaction with other kids. If your child thrives on creativity and the performing arts, this would be perfect for them. Your child would skip the academic portion and come prepared to study the performing arts only.

What are the Centre Stage program hours?

If you participate in the Centre Stage program, you are required to attend Monday - Friday from 12:30pm - 2:30pm.

What is the tuition amount?

The tuition to participate in the Centre Stage program (June 2021 - June 2022) $4864 for the year. We offer monthly, 6-month, and 10-month payment plans.

If my child only signs up for the Centre Stage program, will they participate in the end of the year show?

Yes! Everyone enrolled in our private school or the Centre Stage program will participate in the end of the year show.

How do I register my child for the Centre Stage program?

All you have to do is email us at bbsmdd123@gmail.com. Someone will respond to your request, send you simple paperwork, and set your family up to interview for a seat in the program. Interviews are FUN, they are not scary!

What will be involved with the Centre Stage program?

Your child will learn all aspects of the performing arts. They will get training in music, dance, and drama. Your child will receive the most incredible experience that will include the following benefits to focusing on the performing arts for children:

  • Singing
  • Dancing
  • Acting
  • Group piano
  • Music theory
  • Public speaking
  • Confidence & poise
  • Stage presence
  • Creative thinking
  • Friendship building

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