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About Boynton Beach School of the Performing Arts

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Boynton Beach School of the Performing Arts is a program for children K - 5 established solely to train, educate, and inspire students with a talent in the performing arts. We seek to develop well-rounded, confident, and responsible individuals who aspire to achieve their full potential in both academics and the performing arts. We will do this by providing a welcoming, happy, safe, and supportive learning environment in which everyone is equal and all achievements are celebrated.

Our private school is a unique boutique educational setting, fostering wonderful interaction between children and teachers. We will be a place where your children will be loved and challenged rather than getting lost in the crowd. Our Christian, faith-based program will bring the love of God into each child’s heart every day. We offer a small classroom setting that's vibrant and dynamic. Our program is dedicated to empowering creative students to have both strong leadership in academics and the performing arts.

Boynton Beach School of the Performing Arts is where dedicated students prepare for lifelong involvement in artistic and scholastic pursuits. Students are engaged every day in a broad number of subject areas. They interact with great books and materials. They are encouraged to love their studies, focus, and have fun. Through training in habits of mind and attention, our students are equipped with the tools they need for a lifetime of learning and service.

Our Mission

Our school mission is to foster independent thinking in a creative and challenging environment by providing a boutique classroom setting. We provide students a safe and nurturing place to study our faith-based curriculum. Our mission is to offer bright and talented children preparation for higher education and even professions in the performing arts.

If these ideas resonate with you, we invite you to contact us for an interview for a seat with our school. We have listed specifics that will help you know if we are the right direction to explore for your child's educational growth.

Your Child's Interview


Let us start by assuring you that interviews are FUN! They are not scary. Your interview may consist of one or all of the following:​

  • Be prepared that we may ask your child to either mimic or read something to showcase their poise and performance skills

  • We will talk about your child’s passion and visions

Your child will be scored on the following:

  • Listening skills

  • Manners

  • Ability to take direction 


We welcome beginner, intermediate or advanced children. We welcome all levels with a passion for the Performing Arts, and we know we all need to start somewhere.

It is important to understand our private school is:


We thrive in a focused yet fun and small setting at our school. Our classes will teach a Christian curriculum. It is the responsibility of each family to purchase the required curriculum. The academics will cover Reading, Language Arts, Spelling, Math, Social Studies and Science. We will work academically with your child from 8:00am-12:45pm Monday - Friday. Lunch and transition to performing arts is from 12:45-1:15pm and performing arts, “Centre Stage” from 1:15pm – 2:45pm.

Centre Stage Performing Arts Study

Performing Arts, “Centre Stage” will be from 1:45pm - 2:45pm. Your child will work with our school's organized Performing Arts curriculum. They will have the opportunity to select electives such as piano, singing, percussion, music, theory, ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, musical theater  dance, acting, show choir, and choreography. We will also offer electives in leadership and communication, bible study, and missionary work  and so much more.

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